Leather boots with saw protection, 20 m/s

Comfortable leather boots made of repellent amfibio leather and with leather lining. Padded upper part for extra comfort around the ankle. A thicker inner sole made of leather for stability and high comfort. Heavy-duty hooks make it easier to adjust the boot and get the right fit. Approved saw protection and steel toe caps.

544 96 48-39HOGE SCHOEN
544 96 48-40HOGE SCHOEN
544 96 48-41HOGE SCHOEN
544 96 48-42HOGE SCHOEN
544 96 48-43HOGE SCHOEN
544 96 48-44HOGE SCHOEN
544 96 48-45HOGE SCHOEN
544 96 48-46HOGE SCHOEN
544 96 48-47HOGE SCHOEN
Product information
Stalen neus
Type leer Behandeld met polyurethaan
Schokabsorberend Ergothan
Heavy duty Kevlar
Goedgekeurd volgens EN 345-2, S2, EN 381-3
Klasse Klasse 1 (20 m/s)