Protective helmet, complete, with FM radio

Completely equipped professional helmet with a combination of safety and high comfort for daily forestry work. The lining is replaceable and can be adjusted up, down or sideways. The earmuffs with FM-radio are adjustable vertically and sideways and ergonomically designed for comfort all day.

504 98 18-90HELMET 3-P W FM-RADIO
Product information
Kleur Fluorescerend
Kleur Red
Hoge dichtheid polyethyleen (HDPE)
UV- werend
Voldoet aan de eisen voor zijwaartse vervorming (LD)
Voldoet aan de eisen voor elektrische isolatie (VAC 440)
Goedgekeurd volgens EN 397
Goedgekeurd volgens ANSI Z89.1-1997 class G-E