Trimmer cord, Silent

The shape of this cord, patended design, reduces the noise level by 50% compared to our round trimmer cords of the same diameters. It also provides for less air resistance which improves the efficiency of the enigne because it reaches its optimal speed quicker. Its unique material is characterised by not splitting in the ends, minimizes the risk for welding inside the trimmer head due to a special surface finish and long service life with good wear resistance. The shape of the cord counteracts breakage at the outlet hole. It is easy to feed.

531 00 60-86CORD 240M 2,4MM WHISPER SPOOL
531 00 60-88CORD 240M 3,0MM WHISPER
531 00 75-65CORD 240M 2,7MM WHISPER SPOOL
531 00 80-57CORD 15M 1,5MM SILENT
531 00 80-58CORD 15M 2,0MM SILENT
531 00 80-59CORD 15M 2,4MM SILENT DONUT
531 00 80-60CORD 12M 2,7MM SILENT
531 00 80-61CORD 10M 3,0MM SILENT DONUT
531 00 80-75CORD 130M 2.0MM SILENT DONUT
531 00 80-76CORD 90M 2.4MM SILENT DONUT
531 00 80-77CORD 70M 2.7MM SILENT
531 00 80-78CORD 56M 3.0MM SILENT DONUT
Product information
Draad type Silent
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