Safety first

Chainsaw safety features

1. Chain brake

The chain brake is an important safety feature of the saw. If activated, it can stop the chain in a fraction of a second if you get a kickback from the saw. The chain brake can be triggered in two ways on all Jonsered saws: either by the motion of the saw during kickback, or if the wrist of your left hand strikes the kickback guard.

The greatest hazard when working with a chainsaw is if the saw kicks back. Kickback can happen if something contacts the upper quadrant of the tip of the bar or if you try to cut with the upper quadrant of the bar tip. The bar tip will then try to climb upwards, and the saw will be thrown backwards by the force of the rotating chain.

You should always make sure the bar tip does not contact anything and never try to cut with the kickback sector of the bar.

2. Chain catcher

If the saw chain is not maintained properly it may jump off or break. The chain catcher is designed to protect the operator by stopping the chain from flying backwards.

3. Right hand guard

Designed to protect your fingers if the chain jumps off or breaks.

4. Throttle lock

Prevents accidental throttle operation. As an additional safety feature you must activate the throttle lock to operate the throttle.

5. Stop button

Conveniently positioned so that you can stop the engine quickly.

Dress safely from head to toe

Wearing the right clothes is important. Never work in jeans and everyday shoes, even if you just intend to cut a little wood outside the front door. You will find everything you need at your Jonsered dealer and in the Jonsered catalogue, to work safely and in comfort.

1. Protective trousers are important. Jonsered's logging pants have built-in saw protection, with long fibres designed to jam the chain in an instant if it penetrates the outer fabric.

2. An approved helmet with hearing protectors and visor is also very important. Obviously these protect your hearing, eyes, face and head.

3. Our protective boots have steel toecaps, saw protection over the instep and a rugged tread pattern. They protect your feet and give you a safe footing.

4. Work gloves protect your hands from small cuts and grazes. Especially important when you sharpen or replace the chain.

5. A first aid kit should always be kept handy. Keep it in your shirt pocket or logger's belt if you have one.

6. A long sleeved shirt or jacket is essential to protect your arms from sharp branches and flying chips.