How to choose the right garden tractor

Choosing the right mower largely depends on how big your lawn is, how much work you want to do yourself, and how much you want to leave to the machine when it comes to driving, collecting cuttings, etc.

Some tips before buying

Whether you choose a Jonsered or some other brand it is worth considering the following.

  • Don't buy a machine that is too small. A powerful machine will do a better job.
  • A good collector mower can also be used for collecting autumn leaves or hedge-trimmings from hedges and shrubs, and much more.
  • Can your dealer service your mower? Do they have spare parts and accessories?
  • Is the mower easy to look after? Is there a good user manual?
  • Can the dealer demonstrate the mower? Can they give you useful working instructions?
  • Always ask to test drive a mower before you make a decision.
  • Will the mower run on unleaded petrol?