Buying guide brushcutters

You use a brush cutter for clearing grass, small bushes and undergrowth. The brush cutter is more robust and stronger than a grass trimmer and comes with a range of engine sizes. The denser the vegetation you have to clear, the more powerful the machine you need. With the right accessories, you can use the same machine for trimming grass, clearing undergrowth and shrubs as well as thinning out smaller trees. The brush cutter is fitted with a longer shaft to increase its working range.

Some tips before buying

  • Choose a machine that is powerful enough for the vegetation you plan to clear
  • Equip your machine with an ergonomic harness for the best relief, comfort and efficiency
  • The handlebar should be angled relative to the shaft, to prevent an uneven load being placed on your back
  • The machine must have excellent vibration dampening to ensure you have the energy to work for a long time without getting tired
  • The handlebar can be angled and folded down, for easier transport and storage
  • The wider the range of accessories and cutting equipment, the greater the range of applications.
  • Buy your machine from a servicing dealer who can help you with accessories, service and spare parts