Clearing technique for coarse brush and bushes

The larger machines, such as the Jonsered GR 50, GR 41 and GR 36 are used with the heavier three-tooth grass and brush blade, which slices effortlessly through stems. If the stems are too thick, then fit a clearing blade which will cut through the stem. "A rule of thumb": when the stem is as thick as a thumb, use the clearing blade.

The smaller lightweight machines such as Jonsered GR 2032 and 2026 are equipped with the four-tooth grass and brush blade, which works "smoother" and gives less kick. Alternatively fit a special clearing blade, Opti 26T , which has been specially designed for these machines. If you have a loop handle this should be changed to a ”J” handle.

In dense vegetation it is preferable to work with a single sided sweeping movement from right to left – or the reverse – and guide the cut material to the side. The width of the clearing arc is determined by the density of the vegetation.

In sparse vegetation you work with sweeping movements in both directions. Let the blade do the work using gentle sweeping movements releasing the throttle at the end of the movement. Before starting the next sweep, accelerate to bring the blade up to speed. Operating the blade at high speed gives it the required momentum, while releasing the throttle gives the engine a breathing space.