Clearing technique for plain grass

Effective clearing of large areas and long working hours call for powerful machines fitted with a trimmer head. The trimmer line's cutting area is very large, but it is also very demanding on power, as the line causes a braking while cutting effect. The engine as well as the cutting equipment work under extreme strain. Thanks to the torque increase due to the gear ratio in the angle gear, even the smaller Jonsered brushcutters have a higher capacity than is normal for their class. In parks, where grass clearing is often a question of removing weeds and trimming areas where lawnmowers cannot reach, this gives an extra power margin which makes them simply unbeatable, in every sense.

You can work with either single or double-sided sweeping movements. Towards the end of the movement release the throttle and accelerate before starting the next movement. The reason why you should not operate the tool constantly at maximum speed is because clearing using a trimmer head is extremely demanding work for the machine. The engine must provide maximum power at the same time as the trimmer line causes a braking effect.

Clearing on slopes

The general rule when planning clearing work on slopes is that you always move along the slope, not up or down. Start at the bottom and let the cut material fall downwards, thereby avoiding using the machine in grass that has already been cut.

Grass clearing and swath laying

A special type of grass clearing involves laying the grass in swaths for collecting later. This requires a so-called swath laying blade. The design of the blade, as a flat disc with four short cutting teeth, means that the cut grass lies on top and can be guided to the left. Machines with a loop handle should be fitted with a ”J” handle to prevent the operator coming too close to the cutting equipment.

Clearing and cutting edges using trimmer line

One of the reasons why clearing using a loop handle is so popular in parks, is that the brushcutter does "the hard work". It is used in areas where a lawn mower cannot reach, on broken ground, around bushes and stones, etc. and thanks to the loop handle you can cut vertically, for example, along the edges of gravel paths or concrete slabs.