Saw chain H37

A low-vibration, low-kickback green label chain with Chamfer Chisel cutters with great cutting performance and bore cut. H37 is a well suited for commercial cutters, arborists and occasional users. Gives balanced performance and is recommended for use on saws up to 45cc.

Code produitDescription
580 47 61-013/8" 1.3mm Reel 100 feet
580 47 61-453/8" MINI 1.3mm 45dl
580 47 61-503/8" MINI 1.3mm 50dl
580 47 61-523/8" MINI 1.3mm 52dl
580 47 61-563/8" MINI 1.3mm 56dl
Fiche produit
Chaîne anti-rebond conformément à la norme ANSI B175.1 & CSA Z62.3
Calibre 1,3 mm