• LT 2223 CMA2

    LT 2223 CMA2

    Jonsered V-Twin by Briggs & Stratton, 12.3 kW @ 2500 rpm, Automatic, 107 cm / 42 inch

  • LT 2218 CMA2

    LT 2218 CMA2

    Jonsered V-Twin by Briggs & Stratton, 10.4 kW @ 2500 rpm, Automatic, 107 cm / 42 inch

  • LT 2317 CMA

    LT 2317 CMA

    Jonsered by Briggs & Stratton, 8.6 kW @ 2500 rpm, Automatic, 97 cm / 38 inch

  • LT 2316 CM

    LT 2316 CM

    Jonsered by Briggs & Stratton, 8.6 kW @ 2500 rpm, Manual, 97 cm / 38 inch

  • LT 2213 CA

    LT 2213 CA

    Briggs & Stratton, 6.4 kW @ 2800 rpm, Hydrostatic, 77 cm / 30 inch

  • LT 2213 C

    LT 2213 C

    Briggs & Stratton, 6.4 kW @ 2800 rpm, Manual, 77 cm / 30 inch

  • LT 2217 A

    LT 2217 A

    Jonsered by Briggs & Stratton, 8.6 kW @ 2500 rpm, Automatic, 97 cm / 38 inch

  • LT 2216

    LT 2216

    Jonsered by Briggs & Stratton, 8.6 kW @ 2500 rpm, Manual, 97 cm / 38 inch

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Jonsered by Briggs & Stratton, 8.6 kW @ 2500 rpm, Automatic, 97 cm / 38 inch

Garden tractor LT 2217 A
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Efficient garden tractor with side ejection. The automatic transmission allows you infinitely-adjustable control of the driving speed from a lever, for a better flow to your mowing. Wide step-through area, adjustable seat and easy-access controls for comfortable operation. Cutting deck with water hose connection for easy cleaning. Collector and mulch plate available as accessories.

Powerful, versatile garden tractors for all properties

Jonsered garden tractors range from the compact models suitable for smaller properties to the larger machines with hydrostatic transmission and wide cutting width. They all have effective cutting decks, some with integrated collector to take care of grass clippings, twigs, leaves and other scrap. When the grass is cut, you can equip your Jonsered tractor with smart, genuine attachments for a range of other jobs.

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  • Side ejection cutting deck

    Side ejection cutting deck

    Robust side ejection cutting deck for quick and efficient mowing.

  • Automatic transmission

    Automatic transmission

    Easy speed and direction control with lever-operated automatic transmission.

  • Step-through chassis

    Step-through chassis

    The step-through chassis design makes the tractor easy to climb on and off.

  • Versatility


    Your tractor can be equipped with several attachments for versatility throughout the year, such as trailers, broom, snow blower, moss rake and more.

  • Easy-access cutting height adjustment

    Easy-access cutting height adjustment

    Cutting height adjustment is easily managed from the driver’s seat. The cutting deck is also spring-assisted, which further enhances your comfort.

Feature table for LT 2217 A
Dual draglinks
Dual draglinks
Adjustable seat
Adjustable seat
Comfortable steering wheel
Comfortable steering wheel
Pivoting front axle
Pivoting front axle
Water hose connection
Water hose connection
Mulching accessory
Mulching accessory
Collector accessory
Collector accessory
Reverse Operating System (ROS)
Reverse Operating System (ROS)
Safety switch under seat
Safety switch under seat
Engine manufacturer Jonsered by Briggs & Stratton
Net power at preset rpm 8.6 kW @ 2500 rpm
Cylinder displacement 500 cm³ / 30.5 cu.inch
Cylinders 1
Battery 12 V 28 Ah
Fuel Type Gasoline
Fuel tank volume 5.7 lit / 1.5 gal.
Engine lubrication type Full pressure
Oil filter
Drive system
Transmission type Automatic
Drive method Lever-operated
Speed forward, min-max 0-7.3 km/h / 0-4.5 mph
Speed reverse, min-max 0-1.8 km/h / 0-1.1 mph
Cutting deck
Cutting width 97 cm / 38 inch
Uncut circle[1] 137 cm / 53.9 inch
Cutting deck type Stamped
Cutting deck material Steel
Cutting methods Side discharge
Cutting height, min-max 26 - 102 mm / 1 - 4 inch
Cutting height adjustment Notch
Cutting height steps 6
Cutting height adjuster Fender-mounted
Blade engagement Manual
Blades 2
Seat back height Medium
Seat material Vinyl
Steering wheel type Comfort
Step-through chassis
Collector Available as accessory
Deflector Included
Mulch kit/plate Available as accessory
Tyre size, front 15x6-6"
Tyre size, rear 18x9.5-8"
Turning radius, min 41 cm / 16.1 "
Base machine, length 175 cm / 68.9 inch
Base machine, width (chute down) 105 cm / 41.3 inch
Base machine, height 100 cm / 39.4 inch
Weight 185 kg / 407.9 lbs
Article noDescriptionPrice excl. VATPrice incl. VAT
960 41 01-03LT 2217 A (2009-)

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