• FR 2216 FA2 4x4

    FR 2216 FA2 4x4

    Briggs & Stratton, 9.1 kW @ 2900 rpm, Automatic 4x4

  • FR 2216 FA2

    FR 2216 FA2

    Briggs & Stratton, 9.1 kW @ 2900 rpm, Automatic

  • FR 2218 FA 4x4

    FR 2218 FA 4x4

    Jonsered by Briggs & Stratton, 9.7 kW @ 2900 rpm, Automatic 4x4

  • FR 2216 FA

    FR 2216 FA

    Briggs & Stratton, 9.8 kW @ 2900 rpm, Automatic

  • FR 2215 MA 4x4

    FR 2215 MA 4x4

    Briggs & Stratton, 9.6 kW @ 2900 rpm, Automatic 4x4, 94 cm / 37 inch

  • FR 2215 MA

    FR 2215 MA

    Briggs & Stratton, 9.6 kW @ 2900 rpm, Automatic, 94 cm / 37 inch

  • FR 2213 MA

    FR 2213 MA

    Briggs & Stratton, 6.7 kW[1], Automatic, 94 cm / 37 inch

  • FR 2213 RA

    FR 2213 RA

    Briggs & Stratton, 6.7 kW @ 3000 rpm, Automatic, 94 cm / 37 inch

  • FR 2312 MA

    FR 2312 MA

    Briggs & Stratton, 7 kW @ 3000 rpm, Automatic, 85 cm / 33.5 inch

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Briggs & Stratton, 6.7 kW[1], Automatic, 94 cm / 37 inch

Ride on mower FR 2213 MA
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A versatile Frontrider with a strong OHV-engine from Briggs & Stratton.

Transmission with an infinitely-adjustable Automatic function and an advanced articulated steering system gives an exceptionally small turning circle. The machine has a durable 94 cm wide front-mounted 2-in-1 cutting deck which allow the cutting methods mulching or rear discharge in one and the same deck. The Frontrider can reach in under shrubs and into corners with unrestricted overview from the drivers seat.

Highly efficient ride on lawn mowers for all-season jobs

Do you need an effective and enjoyable-to-use riding lawn mower? Jonsered Frontriders makes gardening a pleasure. And you can use some of them all year round. Jonsered's smart range of attachments make it just as easy and enjoyable clearing snow in front of your entrance in the winter as it is keeping your lawn manicured in the summer.

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  • Articulated steering

    Articulated steering

    The articulated steering gives excellent manoeuvrability and facilitates driving around obstacles such as trees and bushes.

  • Front-mounted cutting deck

    Front-mounted cutting deck

    With a front-mounted cutting deck you have excellent control over the mowing. You can easily trim edges as well as reach into corners and under bushes.

  • Automatic transmission

    Automatic transmission

    The pedal-operated automatic transmission makes your mowing more efficient, comfortable and enjoyable. Separate pedals for driving forward and reverse.

  • 2-in-1 cutting deck

    2-in-1 cutting deck

    The versatile 2-in-1 cutting deck offers mulching as well as rear ejection cutting.

  • Easy-access fuel cap

    Easy-access fuel cap

    External fuel cap for easy refueling; doesn’t require engine hood to be opened.

Feature table for FR 2213 MA
Rear-wheel drive
Rear-wheel drive
Automatic blade engagement
Automatic blade engagement
Comfortable driver's position
Comfortable driver's position
Easy-access cutting height adjustment
Easy-access cutting height adjustment
Engine behind driver
Engine behind driver
Pivoting rear axle
Pivoting rear axle
Four equally-sized wheels
Four equally-sized wheels
Open-design steering wheel
Open-design steering wheel
Engine manufacturer Briggs & Stratton
Engine name PowerBuilt
Power[1] 6.7 kW
Cylinder displacement 344 cm³ / 21 cu.inch
Cylinders 1
Battery 12 V 24 Ah
Fuel Type Gasoline
Fuel tank volume 7 lit / 14.8 US pint
Engine lubrication type Splash
Drive system
Transmission type Automatic
Drive method Pedal-operated
Speed forward, min-max 0-9 km/h / 0-5.6 mph
Speed reverse, min-max 0-9 km/h / 0-5.6 mph
Cutting deck
Cutting width 94 cm / 37 inch
Uncut circle[2] 30 cm / 11.8 inch
Cutting deck type Stamped
Cutting deck material Steel
Cutting methods Mulching/Rear discharge
Cutting height, min-max 40 - 90 mm / 1.6 - 3.5 inch
Cutting height steps 7 pcs
Blade engagement Automatic
Blades 3
Seat type Standard
Tyre dimensions, front 16x7.5
Tyre dimensions, rear 16x7.5
Ground clearance 115 mm / 4.5 inch
Base machine, length 223 cm / 87.8 inch
Base machine, width 100 cm / 39.4 inch
Base machine, height 107 cm / 42.1 inch
Noise emissions
Noise level at rpm 100 dB(A) at 3100 rpm
Vibration level steering wheel 2.5 m/s²
Vibration level seat 0.7 m/s²
Article noDescriptionPrice excl. VATPrice incl. VAT
965 19 03-01FR 2213 MA (-2010)

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