Forest jacket, Pro-light

This is a heavy-duty jacket in high-viz red. The lower part of the sleeves are reinforced with extra hardwearing Cordura nylon. The jacket is equipped with ventilation zippers under the arms and a yoke of 100 % light water-repellent, tear-resistant Ultra polyester. The rest of the jacket is made of 80 % polyester and 20 % nylon. It has two front pockets with zippers, adjustable button in the wrist and pre-bent arms. The reflective tape over the shoulders and the reflecitve logo are for better visibility while working under darker conditions.

Article noDescription
580 72 49-46S
580 72 49-50M
580 72 49-54L
580 72 49-58XL
580 72 49-62XXL
Product information
Colour High viz red
Approved for industrial washing
Washing temperature 60 ° C / 140.01 ° F
Zipper for ventilation
Front Cordura, Polyester
Back Cordura, Polyester