Protective waist trousers, Stretch 20A

These trousers in high-viz red have a modern design with slim fit and an advanced 4-way stretch material for high comfort and ergonomics. They are equipped with chainsaw protection (20 m/s) and have an extended back part to prevent a gap between the jacket and the trousers while working. The reflective band and reflective logo increases visibility while working under darker conditions. They have buttons in the front and in the back for removable braces that are included. The prebent knees for extra comfort and ergonomics are reinforced with Aramide material for extra strength. The trousers have ventilation zippers in the back and the back pockets are also designed to give extra ventilation. On the right leg is a pocket for a folding rule and on the left leg a side pocket with zipper.

Article noDescription
580 72 58-4646
580 72 58-4946+10 cm
580 72 58-5050
580 72 58-5150+10 cm
580 72 58-5454
580 72 58-5554+10 cm
580 72 58-5858
580 72 58-5958+10 cm
580 72 58-6262
Product information
Colour High viz red
Weight in size M/52 1.25 kg
Saw protection
Approved for industrial washing
Washing temperature 40 ° C / 104.01 ° F
Buttons for suspenders
Rule pocket on right leg
Style A
Zipper for ventilation
Front 4-way stretch, Cordura, Cotton, Aramid, Polyester
Back 4-way stretch, Cordura, Cotton, Polyester
Polypropylene fibre
Approved according to EN 381-5
Class Class 1 (20 m/s)