Frontrider attachments: Get the odd jobs done

Did you know that your Jonsered Frontrider can be turned into an oversized Swiss army knife? With the aid of Jonsered attachments, you can do a number of odd jobs around the farm or garden with efficiency and precision.

Sweep it up
With the rotating broom, you’ll sweep up just about everything loose in your garden, including leaves and smaller debris – maybe it’s time to give the barn a thorough cleaning?

Collector’s item
Keep the lawn nice and tidy with a collector for grass clippings as well as leaves. The collector can easily be emptied from the driver’s seat.

The hole idea
With the efficient scarifier you can make holes in your lawn to let air, water and fertilisers reach into the ground. Can be weighted with up to 45 kg depending on ground conditions.

Stop the invasion
Attach a strong and rugged moss rake to your Frontrider for efficient removal of moss from your lawn. To be weighted with up to 32 kg depending on ground conditions.

Get even
Use the roller for leveling uneven ground or packing down newly sown seeds. Simply attach it to your Frontrider and fill it with water or sand.

Hot tip
Move gravel, litter, sand – or maybe a nice supply of charcoal for your barbecue, with the tippable Profi trailer. The folder tailgate makes loading and unloading very easy.