A garden machine for all seasons

It is enjoyable to drive and gets everywhere, regardless of season or surface. Jonsered’s new Frontrider is an all year round four-wheel drive machine with a powerful engine and excellent manoeuvrability. Similar to other Frontriders from Jonsered, it is characterised by its unique articulated steering, front-mounted cutting deck and modern design. This is a ride-on mower for landowners who value the feeling of being able to drive where they want to and when they want to.

“We know from experience that once you have tested a Frontrider nothing else will do. Our new models take their place in the Jonsered range and are specially produced for those looking for a more powerful machine. This is a model that is not only ideal for people with gardens and for landowners but also for use as a complement to sports facilities and clubs who need a machine with many applications,” says Anna Annvik, Product Manager at Jonsered.

Four-wheel drive for demanding work
The new Jonsered FR 2218 A 4x4 model has four-wheel drive and is easy and stable to drive even on troublesome surfaces. If you are faced with an icy winter morning and you have to drive down a sloping driveway, or if it is summer and the grass is to be cut although it is tall and wet, it doesn't matter.
“This machine is not restricted by adverse weather. If you have planned to cut the grass on a slope you can still do it even though it is raining and the surface is slippery. For Jonsered it is important that garden work is associated with enjoyment and simplicity. With a machine that has been constructed to handle both hard and demanding work, it is a pleasure to sit behind the wheel,” says Anna Annvik. 

The combination of four-wheel drive, powerful engine and the option of attaching a range of accessories mean that the new model can be used for a wide range of applications. Examples of accessories that can be attached are snow plough, brush, trailer, spreader and gravel rake. When it comes to mowing the lawn the cutting deck has a built-in combination function for both mulching and rear ejection. If the grass is cut frequently and you use the mulching method, the grass is finely cut in the deck and then returned to the lawn in the form of water and nutritious matter. If the grass is taller and more uncultivated, the cutting deck's rear ejector function is a better option.

Feeling of freedom and perfect control
All Frontriders from Jonsered are characterised by their unique articulated steering and a front mounted, responsive cutting deck. Characteristics that help to make a Frontrider very easy to manoeuvre and give it an extremely small turning circle. Another reason why it is easy to get where you want to go is that the engine is positioned behind the driver, which means that your view is not impeded by any engine cover. The driver consequently has full control ahead of him and can carry out his work with optimal precision.
“It is easy to get at and cut around trees and under bushes, and the driver decides how he or she wants to cut the grass, irrespective of flowerbeds, banks or other vegetation and objects. As a result driving is made more free and enjoyable. Mowing also becomes more effective and you avoid any touch-up work with the trimmer,” says Anna Annvik.

Powerful and stylish
Jonsered's new Frontrider is not only enjoyable and versatile to drive but it is also a powerful and robust work implement. It has have been produced for many years of use in mind and if maintained properly will have, as with all FR models, a high trade-in value.
“The reliable and easy to start engine from Briggs & Stratton has a unique Jonsered specification with pressure lubrication, separate oil filter and an impressive 17.5 horse power,” Anna Annvik points out. “The driver's seat with all its controls easily accessible makes the machine easy and comfortable to drive regardless of previous experience.”

“This is a powerful and easily manoeuvred machine with great potential. The overall aim is that it can be used as much and as effectively as possible throughout all the seasons of the year. The fact that it also stands out with its attractive appearance is not exactly a drawback. If you appreciate enjoyable driving and a stylish design along with distinct characteristics such as quality and function, then this machine is the perfect choice. It is a garden implement to adorn all driveways,” says Anna Annvik at Jonsered.

For more information, please contact:

Anna Annvik, Product Manager, Jonsered International
Tel: +46 36 14 65 00
Email: anna.annvik@husqvarna.se

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Jonsered is one of the world's leading brand names for machines used in forest, park and garden work. The range has been adapted and developed to suit all the seasons of the year with both the professional user and the demanding consumer in mind. Jonsered products are sold via subsidiary companies and agents in 60 countries from around 5,000 selected dealers.

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