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Saw protection clothing with new stretch fabric
Jonsered has developed a new stretch fabric, known as 4-way stretch, for their saw protection clothing. The design is unchanged, but the new fabric is smoother and more robust than in the past.
“Sawdust and snow does not stick as easy as it once did, which means that your clothes stay dry and clean longer. And the saw protection is of course just as effective as before,” Mattias Karlsson, Global Product Manager, Jonsered explains.

Jonsered's range includes two protective trousers and a forestry jacket with the new stretch fabric. The clothing is well-ventilated and flexible giving users good mobility and high comfort. The target group is mainly professional forestry workers, but also private individuals who use their chainsaw at regular intervals.
“Saw protection trousers from Jonsered have built-in saw protection with long fibres that reduce the speed of the chain if it penetrates the outer fabric. But you should be aware that there is no protective clothing that can guarantee 100 % protection. It is important that the user adopts the correct working method and always observes the safety instructions,” Mattias Karlsson emphasises.

Recommended protective equipment for chainsaw work
• Helmet with earmuffs and visor.
• Protective goggles.
• Saw protection trousers.
• Boots with steel toe caps, saw protection and deep treaded soles.
• Work gloves.
• Long sleeve shirt or jacket.
• First aid kit.

Tear-resistant rainwear
Jonsered's rainwear now has an improved finish. The new material consists of a PU/PVC-mix with a high resistance to scratches and wear and tear to the fabric. This is essential when rainwear is mainly used for forestry and clearing work as the user often brushes against branches and twigs. 

Jonsered's work gloves shed their skin
Jonsered has upgraded the material used in the palm for all of its work gloves – from black to white goatskin.
“We recommend work gloves for all garden and forestry work, both to protect your hands, and for better grip,” says Mattias Karlsson, Global Product Manager, Jonsered.

Underwear that breathes
Jonsered launches new profile underwear in black with red seams. The underwear is made of 100 % polyester interlock knit. This quality allows the material to carry moisture away from the body to the next layer of clothing and provides good ventilation. 

New garden clothing from Jonsered
Jonsered's new garden clothing has been developed for men and women who are looking for comfortable and practical workwear with a stylish design. The shirt is made of 100 % cotton and is available in sizes XS-XXL. The garden trousers are made of 65 % polyester and 35 % cotton. The front is reinforced with water-resistant material (up to the knees). The trousers in sizes S-XXL have plenty of pockets and space for kneepads. The new clothing is suitable for gardening and lighter trimming and brush cutting.

For more information, please contact:

Mattias Karlsson, Global Product Manager, Jonsered
Tel: +46 (0)36-14 72 53, +46 (0)70-514 72 53
Email: mattias.karlsson@husqvarna.se

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