Brushcutters for multiple applications

For those who want their brushcutter to handle as many different jobs as possible, Jonsered is pleased to present two new models. Both come with saw blade, grass blade and trimmer head and have new engine technology that offers low fuel consumption and raw power even at low speeds.

"The new models can be used for everything from fine edging along walls to clearing thick undergrowth or small trees in the forest. Here we have two useful machines which, thanks to our new engine technology 'Clean Power', can offer great performance and a comfortable work environment," explains Andreas Rangert, Product Manager at Jonsered.

All-round clearing saws with the best of both worlds
Both the CC 2245 and CC 2235, which are the names of the new models, are powerful machines that are designed to cope with tough and varied work tasks. With the accompanying saw blade, grass blade and trimmer head, the machines are ideal for a variety of work tasks in the garden, on the farm or in the forest.
"The new models are the perfect choice for users who need both basic grass clearing and for more heavy-duty forestry clearing work. We usually say that our CC-models can be regarded as hybrids of a dedicated forestry clearing saw and a grass trimmer. They have a slightly shorter shaft than a conventional grass trimmer which facilitates clearing in forests, as this makes clearing in dense young forest stands easier, while at the same time it is long enough for grass clearing with its effective working radius. In addition, in contrast to a classic forestry clearing saw, the blade is horizontal to the ground giving the user a comfortable work posture and producing perfect cutting results. All in all, to characterise a CC machine you could say that it is a machine that is the best of both worlds," says Andreas Rangert.

The major difference between the two models is that the CC 2245 is more robustly built and developed to cope with slightly more demanding work tasks. This machine is therefore preferable if you know that you will be using your machine more often to work in the forest than for clearing grass. A range of harnesses is also included for the two machines. The CC 2245 includes Jonsered's Vector 3-55 harness with shock absorbing hip pad, relieving hip belt and wide shoulder straps for optimal weight distribution, which makes it a harness for larger cutters while the CC 2235 is a harness designed for machines with less weight. Common to both harnesses is that they are ergonomically designed, very easy to adjust and they provide the relief required for each of the machine's applications. In order to facilitate storage of the machines, they come with a practical and sturdy hanger for both models. This hanger is easy to install and can support both the machine and the protective guards.

Powerful, fuel-efficient engine
Clean Power is a new engine technology from Jonsered currently incorporated in many of its new machines. The technology means that both the CC 2245 and CC 2235 models provide raw power even at low speeds which means the user does not need to run at full throttle in order to have sufficient impact. Lower fuel consumption and cleaner emissions are other benefits of the new engine technology.
"The fact that you do not need to run at full throttle to have the power to do the work makes it less demanding for the user, and working in the garden or the forest becomes more pleasant and free flowing. If you work with your machine for a whole day, the engine's low fuel consumption and cleaner emissions are also very gratifying both for your own health and the environment," says Andreas Rangert.

Ergonomic and easy to use
It is easy to change the cutting equipment on the new models and all of the cutting equipment guards come with the products. Since both machines have a combined guard for trimmer head and grass blade this eliminates the need for the user to change the guard when alternating between these two applications. Both models have semi-automatic trimmer heads with a Tap'n go function which means that the line is fed automatically when you press the machine's head against the ground.
"This Tap'n go function is highly appreciated by our users, and one reason why working with our saws is so easy and convenient. Another advantage of the new machines is that they are fitted with Jonsered's effective vibration dampening system that protects the user from vibrations. The combination of our ergonomic harnesses and vibration dampening system makes the new machines very comfortable to use and easy to handle," says Andreas Rangert.

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Andreas Rangert, Product Manager, Jonsered
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