Jonsered is extending its model range

The new Jonsered LM 2152 CMDAE is a new version of an already popular lawnmower series. This durable and affordable model is now fitted with electric starter – a feature that more and more users are demanding.

The electric starter on lawnmowers is of course nothing new, but it is now appearing in more and more models in a growing number of segments. In the spring, Jonsered will be releasing four new lawnmowers on the market, three of them in the lower 2147 segment. One of the new models has been fitted with an electric starter, just as the new Jonsered LM 2152 CMDAE, which is in the mid-range segment.
"The electric starter is a useful but somewhat understated feature on all of our outdoor products, in my opinion. It is becoming increasingly common that we hear positive feedback from our customers when they realise that the electric starter ensures that they get started with their work straight away, whether it is a lawnmower in the summer or a snow thrower in the winter," says Business Development Manager Stefan Axelsson.

And hands up everyone who has had to battle to start an uncooperative lawnmower.
"The engines have certainly become more easy to start in recent years. But users have also recognised that technology has advanced in this area too. The electric starter is an example of a feature that we have gradually come to appreciate. It's not a question of laziness or a lack of arm strength! It's about knowledge and understanding of what this feature gives me as a user."

The Jonsered LM 2152 CMDAE is a durable machine with the same strong steel chassis as the larger mowers from Jonsered. The cutting width is 53 centimetres and the model is fitted with an easy-to-start engine in the 650 series from the renowned engine manufacturer Briggs & Stratton.
"You get a lot of mower for your money, a reliable and durable machine," says Stefan Axelsson.

Of the three models in the 2147 series, the first one is a push model, while the second has drive and the third has drive with a convenient electric starter.

Stefan Axelsson feels that Jonsered – known as a brand for people who value performance and appearance – can now offer a complete range with these launches.
"We will be a more comprehensive provider and enhance existing models. We can now offer something for everyone." 

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