Jonsered's largest lawnmower to date

The new Jonsered LM 2156 CMDA is one of the largest consumer lawnmowers on the market. Its three different cutting systems, the most powerful engine in its segment and ergonomic handle make this lawnmower robust, flexible and ideal for users with large lawns.

The LM 2156 CMDA is Jonsered's largest lawnmower to date with a cutting width of 56 cm. It is a versatile machine with three different cutting systems: collection, mulching and side ejection.
“It is a robust lawnmower packed with features for users with large green areas and a range of grass-cutting conditions. These include landowners, small farms and house owners with large gardens,” says Mauro Mancuso, Product Manager at Jonsered.

Mowing with ejector and collector is effective if the grass is long. The collector holds an impressive 79 litres which reduces the number of emptying operations and produces more visually appealing cutting results. Use of the collector also reduces the amount of nutrients to the grass which is good if you have a fast growing lawn. It also counteracts the spread of weeds.
Mulching is a good cutting system when the grass is a little shorter. It means that the grass is cut several times and is finely chopped before being returned to the lawn as natural fertiliser. The cutting deck on the LM 2156 CMDA has nine different cutting heights (25-105 mm) which gives the user a wealth of options and excellent cutting results regardless of the length of the grass.

Easy to start and powerful engine
The most powerful engine in its segment, a Briggs & Stratton 875 Series, provides excellent driving force behind the wheels. The engine is equipped with an automatic choke and the starter handle has minimal resistance which makes the lawnmower extremely easy to start. The generously sized rear wheels not only look stylish, but also in combination with the front wheel drive they make it considerably easier to turn round in confined spaces.

Ergonomic handle and unique protective cover
The ergonomic handle, which can be adjusted depending on the height of the user makes the lawnmower comfortable to operate. The handle is angled and fitted with a soft grip for increased comfort. In addition, the whole handle can be folded down which facilitates the transport and storage of the mower. The LM 2156 CMDA is self-propelling and has automatic transmission which means the user has infinitely adjustable control of the speed using either hand.
“It doesn't matter if you are right or left handed. The user decides the speed, without jeopardising blade speed or cutting results,” Mauro Mancuso explains.

Another new feature is the specially designed protective cover. As opposed to other lawnmowers, the cover remains open when the collector is removed for emptying. This makes it easier to empty and attach the collector without having to use both hands.

Easy to clean
In order to facilitate the cleaning of the machine, the LM 2156 CMDA is fitted with a Gardena coupling. By connecting a water hose you can easily clean the cutting deck and blade. Water is sprayed in under the deck which then cleans with the help of the rotation of the blade. As a result, you avoid clumps of grass under the deck and the lawnmower is kept in good condition.

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LM 2156 CMDA