Jonsered's new saws are revolutionising the market

Jonsered is launching two new chainsaws in the 60 cc class featuring new technical solutions and with a lighter weight which represent a major leap forward in development. The CS2260 and CS2258 models are more compact and lighter than their predecessors which combined with their high power make them even more user-friendly.

Jonsered product developers have been working hard to design saws that are as compact and lightweight as possible. The fruits of their labour are called the CS2260 and CS2258 models. The secret lies in a newly developed flywheel that is both smaller and lighter, and a reclining cylinder which allows for a sleeker saw body. The centre of gravity of the saws has also been located to benefit the user when he needs to rotate and tilt the saw, for example, for limbing work. The CS2260 model is also available with heated handles under the CS2260WH model designation.
"The CS2260 and CS2258 will revolutionise chainsaw use. A reduced weight and a sleek engine body are of major importance to users. The CS2260/CS2258 models are up to 0.3 kg lighter than competing saws in their class. A lighter and sleeker saw allows for more efficient work and you save time and reduce fatigue," says Niklas Bergquist, Product Manager.

Increased ease of use and time saving features
It is not only the weight and engine body that have been slimmed down on the new saws. A new function is Jonsered's proprietary Carb Control, which means that the carburettor is computer controlled and automated. The carburettor automatically adjusts itself based on the prevailing atmospheric pressure, fuel quality, temperature and air conditions. Carb Control means engine performance is optimised which thereby saves the user valuable time.

The CS2260 model is also fitted with PeakPulse which generates rapid acceleration and a higher chain speed resulting in more efficient limbing. Also new to the CS2260/CS2258 models are the captive guide bar nuts, which minimise the risk of them being lost in the forest. In addition, there is a new fuel window on the saw which clearly shows how much fuel is in the tank.

Of course, both the CS2260 and CS2258 models are fitted with Jonsered's proprietary Clean Power engines which reduce fuel consumption by up to 20 %. The user saves money and feels better at the end of the day because he has been exposed to less exhaust emissions.

The CS2260 and CS2258 models are aimed at users with high demands on performance. The saws are suitable for felling and limbing of larger trees. With its output of 3.5 kW, the CS2260 is the most powerful of the two and therefore the most demanding saw. It is suitable for professional loggers and land owners with high demands who use their saws on a daily basis.
The CS2258 has an output of 3.1 kW, is of a quieter nature, and is less demanding on the user. It is suitable for land owners and contractors who need a sturdy 60 - cc saw.
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