New Frontriders for homeowners - For smooth and efficient mowing

A Frontrider from Jonsered is a riding lawnmower with a wealth of advantages. With its front-mounted cutting deck and articulated steering it can easily get up slopes and around trees and bushes producing perfect cutting results. Jonsered is now launching an additional two new models in its popular Frontrider segment. This time, the two slightly smaller models that, thanks to their size, can easily negotiate tight spaces and make mowing enjoyable and effective in small and medium-sized gardens.

"We have seen a large demand for smaller Frontrider models from customers who have outgrown their traditional walk behind mower and want to progress to a more efficient and convenient mower, without having to buy an unnecessarily powerful and expensive machine. With our new models, the FR 2312 MA and FR 2311 M, we can now offer these customers two practical mowers with all the benefits that come with a front-mounted cutting deck and our unique articulated steering. These are models that are ideal for the complex garden with many trees, bushes and other objects that need to be driven around when you cut the grass," explains Kalle Lind, product manager at Jonsered.

Tight turning radius provides efficient mowing
The combination of the front-mounted cutting deck and the unique articulated steering makes a Frontrider extremely easy to manoeuvre. The user can get around trees and under bushes easily, and you do not have to be overly worried about garden tables and other objects in the garden when you drive. Both the FR 2312 MA and FR 2311 M have a turning radius that provides an uncut circle of just 30 centimetres.
"The front-mounted cutting deck makes driving easier and delivers efficient mowing results. This contributes to a great driving experience for the user who has good access along flower beds and around corners and can drive close to walls and fences without any problems. With an excellent turning capability and perfect traction, much of the afterwork in the form of, for example, trimming grass edges is avoided," says Kalle Lind.

Comfortable working with good precision
Like other Frontrider models from Jonsered, the new machines have rear-mounted engines. This means that the view from the driver's seat is not concealed by any obscuring engine cover, and the user can carry out his work with good precision. Another factor that makes driving easier is that both the new models have rear-wheel drive and can therefore easily make their way over uneven surfaces and up slopes.
"With a Frontrider the driver has perfect control forwards and need not be afraid of running over any objects lying on the grass by mistake. Furthermore, a Frontrider is very comfortable and enjoyable to drive, the four tyres are equal in size, which makes driving less bumpy, and the driver's seat is comfortable with user-friendly controls at your fingertips," says Kalle Lind.
"Working in the garden should be a comfortable and enjoyable experience, which is something that we value very highly when we develop our riding mowers. The fact that they are good looking is, of course, a nice bonus," Kalle Lind adds.

Provides perfect mowing results
The FR 2311 M has manual transmission, while model FR 2312 MA has automatic transmission. Both models have a cutting width of 85 centimetres and an integrated combi-function for mulching and rear ejector. Mulching means that the grass is finely chopped in the cutting deck and then returned to the lawn as fertilizer. This cutting method is ideally suited if you mow your lawn frequently, whereas using the rear ejector is preferable if you want to mow the lawn with thicker kinds of grass or grass that is very long. The cutting height of the two models can be set between 25 and 70 millimetres.

Easy to drive and store
Both the FR 2312 MA and FR 2311 M are designed for users who have a small or medium sized garden and as a result are very compactly built. The sleek and compact design makes it easy for users to get around in small, confined spaces in the garden and make storing the machine a lot easier. Both models are 88.5 centimetres wide and fit through a standard storage room door.
"With the two new models, Jonsered can now offer everything from small to large Frontriders in its range. What particularly distinguishes the larger models from the smaller ones is that they can be used for more demanding tasks and that some models are also more dedicated year-round machines. Our new models, however, are the ideal option for those who want a durable mower that provides fast and good cutting results with little effort. Using a Frontrider makes driving more free and enjoyable; you do not have to plan to avoid flower beds, bushes or other objects in the garden, and you do not have to worry about any extra work with a trimmer. We are thrilled to announce the addition of these two practical and affordable models to our range. A range that now offers a complete series of Frontriders with everything from the smaller starter machines to the more advanced all year round machines," says Kalle Lind.


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