Versatile brushcutters for varied vegetation

Jonsered Combi Cutters are delivered with saw blade, grass blade and trimmer head. Their versatility makes the brushcutters ideal for property owners who want to perform different tasks with a single machine. A robust hanger is now included to facilitate the storage of the machine and protection equipment.

The versatility of Jonsered's Combi Cutters means you can clear grass, shrubs and small trees in the same work shift. The machines are easy to start and the powerful engines provide high cutting capacity.
“A machine with saw blade, grass blade and trimmer head covers most of the needs of landowners with varying work areas. Replacing cutting equipment is easy and all cutting equipment protection accompanies the product,” explains Göran Gusthalin, Product Manager at Jonsered.

Hanger into the bargain
Farmers, active forest owners and homeowners with large gardens are some of the target groups who would benefit from a flexible brushcutter. The adjustable handle system allows for easy transport, for example, in your car on the way to the summer cottage. In order to facilitate the storage of the machine it comes with a specially designed hanger on which you can hang the machine and its protective equipment.
“Many people keep their machines on the floor of the garage or machine shop in the absence of better alternatives. We have therefore developed a practical and robust hanger. It is easy to mount and helps the user to maintain order in the garage,” says Göran Gusthalin.

Ergonomics for long work shifts
Jonsered's effective vibration damping system protects the user from vibrations. The adjustable harness and the anti-vibration handles provide an ergonomic solution that allows for long work shifts. A shock-absorbing hip pad is built into the harness, and the shoulder straps are padded for optimum comfort. A quick-release system means the user can quickly release the saw if need be in an emergency.
“The interaction between man and machine is especially important in the case of carried implements. Our harnesses provide perfect weight distribution and relief for brushcutting work ensuring the body is not put under strain,” says Göran Gusthalin.

Four models
Jonsered Combi Cutters are available in four models; CC 2145, CC 2236, CC 2036 and CC 2128. The first two are a little more powerful and suitable for frequent use while the others are ideal for sporadic home use. The CC 2236 model is also fitted with Jonsered's environmentally friendly engine technology Clean Power which offers raw power even at low revs. Other benefits include lower fuel consumption and cleaner exhaust emissions.
All models except the CC 2128 come with the new hanger.

For more information, please contact:

Göran Gusthalin, Product Manager, Jonsered
Tel: +46 36 14 64 43, +46 705 14 64 43
Email: goran.gusthalin@husqvarna.se

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