Snow blade

€ 479

Artikelnummer: 965 07 09-01

Snow blade KOVA - FR 22XX MA models (incl 4x4)

High-spec rugged steel blade with steel blade edge. Rubber blade available as an attachment. For the rear wheel drive Frontriders, wheel weights and snow chains should be fitted when using the snow blade.

Product information
Werkbreedte 120 cm
Werkbreedte, min/max 106 cm/120 cm
Stappen hoekinstelling 3
Hoekinstelling, links/rechts 22,5/22,5°
Working height 41,5 cm
Hoogteverstelling standen 4 cm
Basismachine, lengte 107 cm
Basismachine, breedte 120 cm
Basismachine, hoogte 105 cm
Gewicht 32 kg