Brushcutters and personal safety

Wearing the right clothes and safety equipment when working with a brushcutter is important. Here is an easy-to-follow guide to prevent injury.

Always wear a visor, safety glasses and hearing protection when clearing or a safety helmet with visor and hearing protection if the stand reaches head height.

A brushcutter’s cutting equipment may seem to be a fair distance from the operator; nevertheless, there is still a risk of cut material, loose stones, branches, etc. flying off in different directions. And despite the fact that the engines have silencers, your hearing should be protected from prolonged noise.

In dense stands you should wear heavy-duty clothing made of a durable material that does not catch on branches, etc. In addition, such clothing must provide good ventilation and freedom of movement. When clearing brush and grass, heavy-duty trousers and a shirt or jacket allowing good movement will generally be sufficient. It’s a good idea to wear a pair of gloves too.

It goes without saying that heavy-duty shoes, protective footwear or strong boots with deep tread soles that give a firm foothold on slippery, newly cut grass as well as stony, or uneven ground should always be worn.

Jonsered man with brushcutter, trimmer