Chainsaw care and maintenance

Jonsered chainsaws are built to survive tough challenges, but they do need some looking after to work safely and efficiently. Here are a few easy tips.

You can do most maintenance yourself using the instruction manual. Your Jonsered dealer has all the spare parts and accessories you need and will also be happy to assist you when it’s time for service.

After every shift

Check the chain tension and lubrication. Retention the chain and top up the chain oil if necessary. Get into the habit of refueling the saw before you put it away for the evening. That way it will always be ready.

At regular intervals

When the air filter starts clogging up with sawdust you should remove the filter and wash it in a little tepid water and mild detergent. How often you need to do this depends on how much you use the saw.

Jonsered’s unique turbo air cleaning system removes most of the sawdust from the intake air before it reaches the air filter. This means you do not need to clean the air filter on a Jonsered turbo saw as often as with most other chainsaws.

Now and then you should also blow the sawdust and dirt out from the cooling fins and the brake band.

Maintenance, US, 2min 59sec