BV 2126

Dalies numeris:952715708
The Jonsered BV 2126 is the perfect blower for home owners. The BV 2126 is a 28cc petrol powered blower that has an power output of 0.8kW and capable of blow speeds up to 209km/h. The BV 2126 is equipped with a vac bag capacity of 64 litres. Weighing only 4.35kg this petrol blower also features Spin Start, cruise control, mulching feature, soft grip and an adjustable tube length.
Gaminio specifikacijos


B2126, BV2126

Spin Start

By reducing the resistance in the starter cord, the product is easier to start by up to 40%.

B2126, BV2126

Patogu laikyti: 2620 BV 2126 2008-: 65328

Soft grip handles for increased comfort during prolonged working conditions.

B2126, BV2126

Cruise control funkcija

Nustatoma pūtimo galia.


Vakuuminis režimas

Pūstuvas gali veikti vakuuminiu režimu, kuris praverčia renkant šiukšles.

BV 2126

Reguliuojamas vamzdžio ilgis

Reguliuojamas pūstuvo vamzdžio ilgis.



Oro srauto greitis
170 mph
Oro srautas vamzdyje
12.03 m³/min
Oro srautas vamzdyje
425 cfm
Oro srautas korpuse
470 cfm
Garso galios lygis, garantuotas (LWA)
107 dB(A)
Oro srautas korpuse
13.31 m³/min
Garso slėgis (15 m)
70 dB(A)
Ekvivalentiškas vibracijos lygis (ahv, eq) rankenoje
11.1 m/s²