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A Jonsered Story: Fredrik and the hunt for experiences

With fall on its way, Fredrik Sandström takes a few moments to look back at summer and the work he has been doing in the past few months. But for the most part he looks ahead, because now comes the time when he will devote himself to the love of his life – outside of his family, of course.

“I used to think in kind of a short perspective, like ‘this year, I’ll get that and that done’,” Fredrik says. “Now I’ve realised that things don’t turn out the way you’ve envisioned them, so you have to look at it in a longer run. Some things you thought you’d do won’t happen … and there’s more of other things instead.”

This past summer, for example, there was a little less done on the insulation of the barn – and a little more of planning an extension of it instead. That’s just how it goes.

Come fall, however, and we know at least one thing that there is definitely going to be a lot of.

Hunting as a whole experience

“Ever since I was a little kid, life has revolved around hunting,” Fredrik says. “We have these old 8mm films where I’m about the same age as my children are now… two, three, four years old. I would tag along with dad to the forest and sit beside him until I got too itchy.”

Fredrik adds that as a kid he was allowed to stay home from school at the start of each year’s moose hunt. He would help out doing various chores, and keep watch in the hunting tower until his eyes went sore. And he loves it just as much today.

“It’s the whole concept. To get out in the forest in the peace and quiet, with no children crying or anything. You watch how well the dog can chase – and it’s the excitement, of course. If you get to shoot a hare at the end of the day, well, it’s nice, but it’s the experience taken as whole that I love.”

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