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A Jonsered Story: The forest, the freedom and Fredrik

Growing up in the country sparked Fredrik Sandström’s interest in wildlife and hunting at an early age. As a three year old, he experienced his first moose hunt from the backpack of his father; at eleven he would shoot his first hare.

Three years at the local forestry-focused high school were followed by higher level studies in the subject. After finishing his education, Fredrik moved to Germany and France for a few months before homesickness brought him back to the Swedish countryside.

Today he is living with his partner Sofia and their three young daughters at their farm called Ålgården, some 70 miles east of Gothenburg. The land spans about 200 hectares of meadows and forest, and has been in Sofia’s family for decades.

“Everything is done in my pace”

“I like the freedom and serenity,” says Fredrik. “Everything is done in my pace. I finish my projects when I want to, or I might start a new project in the midst of another if I feel like it.”

Fredrik thinks each season has its own charm. This spring, focus lies on the cows and the planning and rebuilding of their pens. Eleven chatty cows roam the farm this year, along with five heifers, five skipping calves – and Frans the bull.

“Well, I’m keeping an eye on Frans right now,” Fredrik tells us. “I’ve collected birch trees in the pen after culling, but they probably won’t be there in the fall since Frans likes rubbing against them until they break.”

“Ideas are not hard to come by”

Aside from working on the cow pens, this spring Fredrik has lined the barn, begun working on a greenhouse and made a little roundabout in front of the house. In the middle, Sophia has planted cherry trees which will bloom next spring.

“All the projects we think up become reality, sooner or later. Ideas are not hard to come by in this family. But my biggest dream is actually to finish all the projects we’ve started. There are some final touches to be made, so to speak,” Fredrik adds laughing.

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