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A Jonsered Story: This Is Jonsered

Learn more about how the Jonsered brand of today came about, and about the engineering that has placed Jonsered machines in the hearts of so many professionals through the years.

In a country like Sweden, where 75 percent of the land surface is covered by forest, it is quite natural that the forest industry is one of the most important commercial industries.

The quest for technological advancement is another natural part of the Swedish heritage. It is no coincidence that one of the most innovative early chainsaws was invented in Sweden in 1954 – more precisely in Jonsered, a small industrial village located in the forest landscape a few miles northeast of Gothenburg.

At that time, the Nordic forest communities had been populated by professional lumberjacks for generations. These were tough men who lived and worked in simple conditions in a harsh climate. Making their lives a little less hard and risky became one of Jonsered’s main missions.

Innovations and expansions

Since then, the engineers at Jonsered have kept their position at the front line of the development of the professional chainsaw, right up to today’s models. The many innovations include the chain brake, vibration damping, and turbo air cleaning. Jonsered has also developed the modern pruning technique and teached this effective and labour-saving method all over the world.

For today’s professional and semi-professional chainsaw users, Jonsered is still synonymous with a truly effective and reliable co-worker in the forest. But the vast knowledge of lightweight, efficient engines and ergonomics, along with a genuine care for nature has also laid the groundwork for the full-featured model range that Jonsered now offers. The legacy and pioneering spirit lives on – all in order to give you a working life.

Jonsered man in forest with clearing saw and car