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Buying guide: clearing saws

Consider your needs first when you are buying a clearing saw. Here is our 7-tip guide to get the right machine for your working life.

The clearing saw is used to clear forests, bushes and undergrowth. A clearing saw has a shorter shaft for better maneuverability in dense stands. The acute angle of the bevel gear facilitates directional felling. A thumb-operated throttle also helps clearing work. Jonsered saws are available in several different designs, each optimized for professional forestry workers or other regular professional use.

7 tips before buying a clearing saw

1. Choose a machine with an effective anti-vibration system that allows you to work longer.

2. Choose a lightweight machine, especially if you work full time.

3. Your clearing saw should be high powered and have a high torque and rapid acceleration for maximum efficiency.

4. Your machine should have an ergonomic harness for the best relief, comfort and efficiency.

5. The handlebar should be angled relative to the shaft, to prevent an uneven load being placed on your back.

6. The handlebar can be angled and folded down, for easier transport and storage.

7. If you plan to work in cold climates, choose a clearing saw with heated handles.

Jonsered man in forest with clearing saw and car