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Why settle for less?

Born and raised in frost-bitten, forest-covered Sweden, the Jonsered chainsaws went on to win the hearts of hard-working professionals all over the world. They have been out there for six decades now; delivering reliable performance in any conditions, never letting anyone down.

Today, the Jonsered forest and garden products bring together world-leading technology, rugged simplicity and pure power.

Six decades of forestry inside

Rain, snow, frost and hard work were the true designers of the Jonsered chainsaw. Lessons learned from sixty years of Swedish forestry now form the guiding principles for our wide range of forest and garden products.

Born in the forest, Raised by loggers

In a land covered almost entirely by forest, and where the average temperature is 6°C, your chainsaw needs to deliver beyond the usual. Luckily, producing remarkably durable tools is a vital part of the Swedish heritage – just like the eternal quest for technological advancement.

When one of the world’s most innovative chainsaws was born, it was a successful combination of the two. It happened in a small industrial village called Jonsered, north of just about everything and surrounded by dense forest – but renowned for its strong engineering spirit.

At that time, Nordic lumberjacks were rugged men who lived and worked under very tough conditions. Making their toil a little bit easier became a mission for the Jonsered engineers, who soon found themselves on the front line of chainsaw development. Chain brake, anti-vibration and the turbo air cleaning system were among the many innovations introduced by Jonsered.

Our long experience in efficient engines and ergonomics, along with a genuine love for nature, form the basis for today’s product range. Jonsered’s legacy and pioneering spirit lives on, in the garden as well as in the forest.

The 1945 quality approach

Whatever Swedish tool you bought in 1954, you would actually count on it to last forever. The Jonsered chainsaws were born that year, and we have stubbornly kept that old-fashioned attitude towards quality. To us, it’s equal to keeping a promise.

You will not find any bells and whistles on our products. Neither do we offer any technical nonsense, unproven functions or fancy designs. Instead, our products are built to provide the best possible performance and the highest possible durability – even in the most extreme conditions.

Our guiding principle is simple: A Jonsered machine should be equipped with everything you need – and nothing you don’t need. That’s how we intend to keep the promise we made more than sixty years ago.

Discover our product range


Some of the world’s easiest and most efficient leaf blowers – a great help around the garden.


You can always count on Jonsered chainsaws to deliver power, performance and reliability.

Garden Tractors

When you have many heavy tasks that require extra power, it’s time to call in a Jonsered tractor.

Hedge Trimmers

The convenient Jonsered hedge trimmers offer low noise and are lightweight for easy pruning.

Lawn Mowers

Jonsered lawn mowers are recognised by their ease of use, durable engines and efficient cutting decks.

Ride On Mowers

Jonsered Ride On Mowers are made to make your gardening seem less like work.

Trimmers & Brushcutters

Perfect companions to take care of unwanted growth in the garden as well as in the forest.