Buying guide: trimmers

Consider your needs first when you are buying a trimmer. Here is our 10-tip guide to get the right machine for your working life.

To get the most from your new machine it’s important that you choose the right model. Your choice should be based entirely on the work you do. What type of vegetation will you need to trim? How frequently will you use the machine and for how long at a time?

10 tips before buying a trimmer

1. Does the machine have an adequate vibration reduction system? Vibration will quickly cause fatigue.

2. Don't buy a machine that is too small. A powerful machine will do a better job.

3. A trimmer with a rotating handle will be easier to transport and store.

4. Can the dealer service your machine? Do they have spare parts and accessories?

5. Is the machine easy to maintain? Is there a good user manual?

6. Can the dealer demonstrate the machine?

7. Can the dealer supply you with the necessary protective equipment?

8. Is there a good supply of accessories and spare parts for the machine?

9. Always ask to try the machine before you decide.

10. Check that the trimmer head and guard are tested and CE approved as suitable for use in combination.

In addition to the tips above, your Jonsered dealer will be able to give you further advice and tips. With Jonsered’s extensive range of machines you are bound to find one that suits your needs perfectly.

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