Chainsaws and personal safety

Wearing the right clothes and safety equipment when working with a chainsaw is extremely important. Here is an easy-to-follow guide to prevent injury.

When operating a chainsaw, you should never work in jeans or everyday shoes, even if you just cutting a little wood outside the front door. Protective clothes and equipment must always be used.

6 tips to dress safely

1. Protective trousers are important. Jonsered’s logging pants have built-in saw protection, with long fibres designed to jam the chain in an instant if it penetrates the outer fabric.

2. An approved helmet with hearing protectors and visor is also very important. These protect your hearing, eyes, face and head.

3. Our protective boots have steel toecaps, saw protection over the instep and a rugged tread pattern. They protect your feet and give you a safe footing.

4. Work gloves protect your hands from small cuts and grazes. Especially important when you sharpen or replace the chain.

5. A first aid kit should always be kept handy. Keep it in your shirt pocket or logger’s belt if you have one.

6. A long sleeved shirt or jacket is essential to protect your arms from sharp branches and flying chips.

You will find everything you need to work safely, and in comfort, at your local Jonsered dealer and in the Jonsered catalogue.

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